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  • Custom Flight Cases
    Custom Flight Cases
  • Bespoke & custom flight cases
    Bespoke & custom flight cases
  • Computer Flight Cases
    Computer Flight Cases
  • Bespoke trunk flight cases
    Bespoke trunk flight cases
  • Our cases use only the finest fittings!
    Our cases use only the finest fittings!
  • Equipment protection you can rely on!
    Equipment protection you can rely on!
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Custom Flight Cases

Custom Flight Cases

Our custom flight cases are tailored to your exact specifications and can be customised in to any shape or form, which guarantees a protection solution for all your equipment.

As a custom flight case manufacturer we will often advise our customers on the best options available.

With all our made to measure designs we are very flexible, so we value each of your ideas and thoughts to ensure you get the equipment protection solutions you need.


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Pro Audio Flight Cases

Pro Audio Flight CasesOur Pro Audio cases feature the finest high quality, heavy duty hardware and materials. Built for extreme handling and ready to tackle anything, our cases offer a perfect solution to protecting your equipment.

As well as manufacturing a range of Amp Head Flight Cases, Combo Flight Cases, Keyboard Flight Cases, Guitar Flight Cases, Pedal Board Flight Cases and Mixer Flight Cases, we also cater to provide a bespoke service on all our Pro Audio Flight Cases.

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Rack Flight Cases

Rack Mount Flight CasesOur Rack Mount Flight Cases offer the right heavy duty protection and durability you could ever count on. They are constructed using the finest Penn Elcom fixtures and fittings and have the option to provide your equipment with a shock mounted system.

Great for expensive equipment that has to take the wear and tear of day to day use. Along with heavy duty rack strip and fixing bolts, there are two removable lockable lids to gain access to your equipment and the option to choose your rack depths.

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Computer Flight Cases

Computer Flight CasesOur expertise in providing the ultimate protection for all types of computers is second to none. With our sleek, robust and accessible designs our flight cases give your computers the very best protection and complete satisfaction you can rely on.

As well as custom computer case designs we supply cases for such brands as Apple iMac Flight Cases, Dell Flight Cases, HP Flight Cases, Sony Vaio Flight Cases, Asus Flight Cases, Acer Flight Cases, Samsung Flight Cases and many more...

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Flight Cases for any Industry

Flight Cases for IndustryWhatever your industry EPS Flight Cases has a solution for protecting your equipment. We provide flight cases for a whole variety of companies with no limits to the shape or size of the goods you need housing.

With thousands of cases sold worldwide for industries such as Film & Broadcasting, Exhibitions, Medical, Motorsport, Off Shore, Schools, Musicians, Churches, M.O.D, Science, Chemical, Technology, Television, Transportation, Food and Beverage, Aircraft, the list is endless...

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Road Trunk Cases

Road Trunk Flight CasesOur sturdy road trunks are multi purpose flight cases. These road trunks are custom made to contain just amount anything you want them to. The overall design for EPS's road trunks are heavy duty and built to handle heavy weight capacities.

We can build to any requirement, so whether your using these road trunks to ship, store or to hiring equipment out these cases are for you! So take the opportunity to protect your equipment safely and neatly with our perfect road trunk flight cases.

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Audio Visual Flight Cases

Audio Visual Flight CasesWe supply Camera, Monitor, LED, Plasma & Smart TV Flight Cases and much more. Our custom flight case experts provide a hands-on approach to every AV flight case.

We research each product that the case is for which is a vital part in producing the best solution necessary in protecting your valuable equipment. Gaining knowledge means we can custom tailor our design and together with our clients input we can create the best case for their needs.


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DJ Flight Cases

DJ Flight CasesIf you’re a DJ always on the go, travelling from gig to gig, it makes sense to use DJ flight cases.

Our DJ flight cases are heavy duty and robust cases and are built using the finest hardware fittings and materials. We can build DJ flight cases for all types of DJ gear, including brands like Pioneer, Numark, Stanton and many more.

As well as these flight cases being tough they are also lined with high density impact foam that diligently protects your equipment. All our DJ flight cases also come with the option to add a sliding shelf, very handy for those on the move.

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Orange Amp Cases

Orange Amp Flight CasesBritish guitar amplifier specialists 'Orange Music Company' are renowned for their distinctive sound. We can protect your Orange combo amps, amplifier heads and speaker cabinets with our handmade Orange amp flight cases.

Protecting your Orange amp heads and combo's has never been so easy with our custom built flight cases. Our flight cases are made in the UK, built to hack rigorous touring and keep your precious Orange Amp equipment protected during transit. The ultimate Orange Amplification protection by EPS Flight Cases!

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Combo Flight Cases

Combo Flight Cases

Aluminium Flight Cases

Aluminium Flight Cases

Custom Road Trunks

Road Trunks

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